Monday, 14 May 2012

Poundland Haul... Yes, you heard right!

Poundland has been a bit of a unexpected goldmine lately if you hit it at the right time! This is what I've picked up on two seperate trips in the last week:

Exciting, no?!

Herbal Essences clarifying shampoo is one of my favourite shampoos ever, as I have very thick long hair which needs a deep cleanse regularly to keep it bouncy. Normally around £1.70-£2.00 for this normally so a great chance to stock up.

Herbal Essences again, and this time an intensive hair mask. I've not seen the 'Breakage Defender' range in shops at all, so maybe this is why it's at Poundland? Not sure. But it smells suspiciously like their 'Hello Hydration' range and is an absolutely amazing conditioner, leaves my hair in amazing condition.

Now I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these beauties! I'm a big fan of Rimmel but never tried their blushes before, so this was the perfect opportunity! In 'Summer Fever' (left) and 'Winter Glow' (right). They both give a lovely effect when all colours are blended together. The little brush is great also for when you're on the go and want to top up your blush. They're normally around £5.50 I think, so what a bargain!

I've never heard of Studio 35 before, but this looked like a great eyeliner brush. I often use eyeshadows as eyeliner so this is perfect as it's angled.

I've never had anything from Almay before, but I get through a ridiculous amount of pressed/loose powder as I love having a matte look so I thought this 'Pure Blends' natural matte finishing powder looked very interesting! The packaging in particular is very cute, and love the fact you get a free powder puff. Haven't tried it out yet so I'm not sure whether its as good as my staple powder, Rimmel's Stay Matte in translucent.

This might just be my favourite find! I've been using Collection 2000's Shimmer and Shade forever to highlight and contour my cheekbones/eyebrows/cupid's bow. I only need to use a little as they're quite pigmented so they last ages. So naturally, I was pleased to see it for £1!

Have you found any unbelievable beauty bargains in the strangest of places?

NOTD: Star Galaxy

Hey lovelies! My full apologies for the lack of posts lately, just finishing my final year at uni and the workload has been unreal! When it ends I shall return to full capacity, honest..

Thought I'd share a quick NOTD post as it was quite spontaneous and turned out better than I expected!

I've called them star galaxy nails because.. Well.. That's what they look like to me!

This was created using Barry M in 313 Dusty Mauve and over the top W7 (a blue glitter that doesn't seem to have a shade!)

What do you think?