Sunday, 4 March 2012

Review: ELF - Its definitely Complexion Perfection!

Like everyone else I had been hearing good things about ELF for ages now, but not got round to actually trying. Honestly, this was mainly due to paying for postage, I'm very tight with that kind of thing I hate to say! So, when I got an email offering free delivery obviously I jumped at the chance!

I chose a few products from their studio range, a bit more expensive than the £1.50 bargains that ELF are so famous for, but totally worth it as I'll go on to explain. One product stood out to me and will without a shadow of a doubt become a staple in the make up bag!

Now, the first thought I saw Complexion Perfection face powder was - those are scary colours. But don't let it put you off if you're used to using transparent powder like me!

Simply: it's a miracle. It claims to:

Create a balanced and radiant complexion - yep.

Evens out skin tone and absorbs excess oil - certainly.

Brightens and neutralises skin - oh yes.

On application the powder can go on green/blue, but even it out with a powder puff or brush and the results are breathtaking. My first thoughts were how airbrushed it makes your skin look, who doesn't want that? The packaging is sleek black, very reminiscent of NARS and you even get a large mirror - a treat for packaging nerds like myself. All this for only £3.50, unbelievable. Its safe to say that Complexion Perfection has knocked my staple powder right out the make up bag!


  1. i've had this for a while but always been scared to try because of the colours, will be trying it now :)

    1. I was at first, but make sure you rub it in well and you don't end up blue, honest! :)

  2. Wow that looks really cool :D x

  3. What an interesting product. Really quite curious to go and use it now. It does seem a little scary, though.


    1. I'd give it a try! Looked scary to me too at first but the effects are great if you brave it! x