Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Back... With MAC.

Please accept my mega apologies for not blogging in almost a month, this occured for a number of reasons..

I recently finished uni forever, and so what conceeded was a flurry of applying for jobs, celebrating, getting more hours at work, and celebrating some more. (Yes, with large amounts of alcohol, ahem.) And I suppose I can finally admit I simply lost inspiration, for a lot of things, and obviously blogging.

Anywhoo, I am going to be really good and get back to regular posts as I really have no excuse now, and I somehow seemed to manage it when writing my whopping dissertation at the same time..

When I finished uni I told myself I would treat myself to a MAC foundation and concealer, as I've always wanted to try and I'm a huge MAC fan anyway. Foundation and concealer have to be my favourite buys, as I'm always on the hunt to try different ones and I suppose I'm trying to find the perfect ones. Debenhams conveniently had 10% when I went in, on a positive side note. Watch out for these price events!

When I went into MAC, I already knew what I was wanting as I'd done a lot of research. Good job really, as they weren't really keen on chatting to me or helping me (but I'll save that for another post/rant).

For my skin (Prone to blemishes, oily/extremely combination) and the coverage I preferred (full and matt) I found myself buying Studio Fix Fluid foundation and Studio Finish Concealer. And I was matched (by myself..) to NC15, the lightest shade MAC offer, ghost-like if you will.

First, the concealer. My usual HG concealer is Maybelline 24 Hour concealer, simply because it covers absolutely anything and does infact last 24 hours. However, in this MAC offering I have found my new favourite. My skin isn't half as bad as it used to be when I was a teenager, but I am still left with a very uneven skin tone and the odd blemish/spot. It's a little more than I'd usually spend at £13.50, simply because I use so much of it so quickly, but I have to say I'll be sticking to this from now on. Some days I can even skip foundation and use only this. The big dent I have now created shows how much I love this concealer. Any other industrial strength concealer options people would like to share would be much appreciated!

The foundation I have mixed feelings about... The good points? It offers the best coverage I've ever had in a foundation which is what I love, and it applies like a dream, even and offers an almost airbrushed look. The bad points.. I like my foundation to last a whole day, as about 3/4pm I start looking a tad shiny, so staying power is important for me. At £19.50, this doesn't please me in that department unfortunately. After about 8 hours wear I can wipe a finger down my nose and it will come off (which for some people 8 hours is absolutely fine). However, I've previously been using Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour foundation, and I loved the way that it actually kept me matt for 25 hours. However, all in all I will let this foundation off because of the airbrushed look it creates, it just means going through a lot of powder and keeping this purely for my daytime foundation!

Another note I will make is that if you want the pump, you have to purchase it seperately at £3. Which I think is a little bit of MAC trying to get more money out of you as pouring out of the original bottle doesn't really work.

What have your MAC experiences been like for foundation and concealer? Do share, as I'd love to compare! (Ending with a rhyme, there are no end to my talents.)

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