Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lord & Berry Black Wardrobe Smudgeproof Eyeliner

Major apologies, I haven't gotten lost! Just been a bit waylaid with moving and whole bunch of other excuses that just aren't really very good...
Anyway, I'll jump right in with a review of the Lord & Berry Black Wardrobe Smudgeproof Eyeliner in shade Mirror Black. I was looking for a new everyday eyeliner, and my requirements are always highly pigmented and more importantly, smudgproof and waterproof. Not that crying is a regular occurance for me, it's just that I like to feel.. prepared for anything, if you like! Having never tried any products from Lord & Berry before, I spyed this on ASOS and thought it looked pretty interesting.
"Black Wardrobe has the ultimate assortment of black liner pencils: because there is more than one way to wear black! All the shades of black you need to complete your look; matte, glossy, sparkly and violet-black. You can choose a different kind of black for each outfit!
For woman internationally, at any occasion, at any time of the day or night, black eye makeup is always in fashion, and Black Wardrobe has the products you need"

Lasts all day and night - definitely has ultimate staying power. Great for nights out. On my first use I applied first thing in the morning and it lasted through a day of work and a night out afterwards.
The pigmentation is amazing, as you can see above. One stroke gives you a bold, intense line.
Glides on really easily, yet doesn't feel wet or greasy.
It does go down fairly quickly and have found myself sharpening more than I would like. However, at £6.50 I don't mind so much.
Removing the eyeliner is a bit difficult, but this is bound to be the case due to the staying power.
Final Thoughts
This eyeliner will definitley last longer than you do! If you're not a fan of the bold look for daytime, then you'll love it for nighttime. This is an amazing product for the price, and I'll definitely be looking into discovering more Lord & Berry products.
Are there any eyeliners with epic staying power you've discovered?

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