Wednesday, 21 November 2012

This Week's Poundland Treasures..

I just thought I'd share with you some great little bargains I picked up in Poundland this week! Here we have two Nivea lip glosses that are also conditioning balms. And the first two words I will use to describe these are.. yummy and beautiful! I love a good lip balm, especially when it's got a touch of colour and a wonderful smell. And for £1 each (RRP £6.42 for two on Amazon, an addition to the £9.99 shipping cost) these are definitely my new favourite toys. As far as I'm aware these are not sold in the UK, and look like they're primarly popular in America? Not quite sure on that one, if any american readers would like to offer up information. 
On the left we have my favourite of the two 'Gloss Wonder Balm' in Mango Butter. The smell of this is so yummy, I just know I'll be licking it off as soon as I've put it on my lips. (May need to go and stock up, then.) It contains Argan Oil which I know is going to make my lips incredibly soft, which is just what's needed for these freezing, harsh to skin months ahead. It's an all round perfect everyday balm, with a touch of pinky/coral colour. And most importantly neither of them are sticky at all, which will help to avoid the hair-to-face look that we all absolutely adore in these windy winter months...
On the right, 'Volume Shine Wonder Full' claims to have a collagen booster to plump lips, and it does just that. On top of being a wonderful smelling, moisturising gloss, this also makes lips appear noticably plumper without the often annoying tingling sensation you find in other plumping glosses. And with a touch of coral colour, this is another everyday beauty which could also be brought out at night.
What have you dug out in Poundland recently?


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